30 May 2012
Private Label & Brands
Kyiv, Š¯ospitalnaya St, 4, "Rus" Hotel

Private Label & Brands – is a great platform for dialogue, analysis and meetings of potential partners. Part of the Forum will be devoted to official negotiations between retailers and manufacturers (Negotiations Board). Negotiations Board – is a unique format of meetings, during which representatives of retailers and FMCG producers will be able to negotiate on the subject of goods supply, terms of cooperation, production of goods under Private Label, etc. 20 leading retail chains in Ukraine are invited to be a part of Negotiations Board. We also expect about 100 Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers of retail trade products.

7 reasons to attend Private Label & Brands

  • Speed network. Before opening session of the forum each participant briefly introduces himself in order to be identified faster and get to know every participant of the forum. It will help you to plan your meetings and negotiations more conveniently and faster.   
  • Practical Cases.
  • Debates on: competition - Private Label vs Brands
  • Negotiations Board - Negotiations between FMCG producers and Retail’s PL development directors
  • Informal conversations. You will have many opportunities to informally discuss trends and news of the market with your colleagues. 
  • Time Out. Being out of your familiar environment will allow you to have a fresh look and perspectives on your daily tasks, find new solutions to the problems you may face during your work.
  • Relevant analytics for your business decisions

Registration cost:

For retailers, producers and distributors – 250 EUR incl. VAT
For service providing companies - 400 EUR incl. VAT

2nd representative of the company – 5%
3rd and more representatives of the company– 10%

Participation package include:
- Participation in all events of the forum
- Negotiations Board
- Presentations and other information materials on the forum
- Coffee times, lunch
- List of participants 


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