25 September 2012
Seventh annual forum
Kyiv, Hotel “Rus”
The seventh annual FMCG Industry Forum provides a unique opportunity to meet all industry players to hear first-hand answers to relevant questions. How to react to changing market conditions and changes in consumer behavior? What instruments of sales growth should currently be invested in? What innovative solutions in the chain of goods supply can improve sales and cut costs? And much more.

FMCG INDUSTRY FORUM - is the largest and unique ground for meeting of FMCG retailers, suppliers  and distributors in Ukraine.
5 reasons to participate in FMCG INDUSTRY FORUM 2012:
Speed Networking.  You will able to meet all participants before the forum starts in a specially organized format. Participants can talk in private, establish the most useful business contacts and plan negotiations more effectively.

Practical cases. The best practices of FMCG-companies in Ukraine will be presented as part of the forum reports in the context of building sales in distribution channels, changes in preferences of consumers, marketing and inventory management in retail outlets.

Negotiations board.
Each registered on the forum manufacturer, distributor, importer of consumer goods, get more information about working opportunities with large retail chains in Ukraine. Big part of the Forum will take for official negotiations between retailers and manufacturers (Negotiations board). Negotiations board  is a unique format of meetings, during which representatives of retailers and suppliers of FMCG products will be able to negotiate about supply of Ukrainian and foreign goods, terms of partnership concerning production of goods under Private Label.

Lobby. The informal socializing with colleagues will allow you to get the unofficial news of the market.

Changing of usual working situation will newly allow  to give a glance on problems and to invest maximally effectively the expended time in development of company.

As part of the reports at FMCG  INDUSTRY FORUM:
• Up-to-date analytical prognoses of industry
• Recent changes in consumer’s motivation
• Effective instruments, that allow to promote sales and profits
• Possibility to hear about experience of the most successful FMCG companies
• Valuable information about how to maximize the full potential of the consumer market
Confirmed speakers of FMCG Industry Forum 2012:
  • Natalia Kravets, Director Deptartment of retail property, Colliers International Ukraine
  • Timothy Zamuriy, Director, IVOX Ukraine. Topic TBA
  • Alex Kot, Executive Partner, PhD, Law Firm “Antika”. Topic: " Antimonopoly regulation of agreements in distribution"
  • Alexander Makhort, International Clients Manager, SC Johnson Ukraine. Topic of presentation: "Tools to improve the efficiency of distribution. Future of distributors in the chain of product supply"
  • Nazar Germanyuk, Sales Director in the Eastern region, Kimberly Clark. Topic of presentation: Which sales increase tools producers are ready to invest in, in order to increase their market share? Methods of sales stimulation in conditions of the crisis
  • Dmitriy Pisarev, Regional sales manager, Ferrero Ukraine. Topic of presentation: “FMCG goods suppliers and retailers. A fair contract as foundation of partnership. View of market player”
  • Irmantas Svazes, Sales Director, Wrigley. Topic of presentation: " Category management - why this is “win-win”solution?"
  • Tatiana Skorobogatova, Marketing director, Ukrainskiy product. Topic of presentation: “The role of the linear retail sector in the marketing of FMCG products”
  • Ludmila Moskal’, Key clients manager, Comarch. Topic of presentation: “Innovative solutions in the chain of product supply which allow to increase sales and reduce costs”
  • Vyacheslav Kohlyakov, Partner, Law Firm "Dynasty". Topic of presentation: "Legal consequences of selling counterfeit goods in stores"
  • Dmitry Vakulishin, Senior Marketing Manager of sales channels, Carlsberg Ukraine (expert)
  • Elena Lomakina, Sales Director, Milk Alliance (expert)

Companies that have confirmed their participation as experts in Negotiations Board:

1. Furshet

Department of Private Label - 2 representatives.

Purchasing Department:

  • Andrew Zabolotny, Director of Purchasing Department
  • Teresa Sobko, Deputy Director of Purchasing Department
  • Roman Vishniac, Head of the beverages category

 2. Eco-market

Department of Private Label:

  • Irina Prishepa, Head of Private Label development
  • Anatoly Demidenko, Project Manager of Private Label non-food
  • Dmitry Korneev, Project Manager of Private Label fresh

Purchasing Department

  • Natalia Karachevtsev, Head of Commercial Department

 3. METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine

Department of Private Label:

  • Galina Litosh, Own Brand Manager FOOD"
  • Anna Lyubimov, Head of Private Label Department


purchasing department:

  • Natalia Coast, Grocery Category Manager of
  • rina Kondratenko, Weighted products Category Manager

5. Eva (Rush)

  •  Vladimir Granin, Commercial Director
  • Dmitry Ostrovsky, STM Brand Manager

6. Novus Ukraine

  • Denis Pogorelov, Director of Purchasing

7. Watsons ("DC")

  • Elena Shum, Head of Private Label Department
  • Tatiana Popovchenko, Head of the local PL

8. Pakko Holding 

  • Eduard Lyashuk, Head of the Department of groceries supply 
  • Ruslan Grinchuk, Head of Private Label Department 
  • Valery Shapovalov, Purchasing Director
  • Ruslan Tomachinsky, Deputy Head of Procurement and Sales
  • Dmitry Kashirin, Commercial Director of "Fudmarket" (retail chain of supermarkets "VELIKA KISHENYA")

11. Lvіvholod (Retail chain Rukavichka) - 1 representative (TBA)

12. Amstor - 2 representatives (TBA)

13. Cosmo, Sumatra-LTD

  • Tatyana Chernova, Purchasing Director
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For retailers, producers, and distributors of FMCG goods: 3500 UAH (incl. VAT)

for second and each following participants from a company regestering – 3000 UAH (incl. VAT).

For companies providing services and solutions: 4000 UAH (incl. VAT)


for second and each following participants from a company regestering – 3500 UAH (incl. VAT),

Participant package includes the following:

- Participation in SPEED NETWORKING
- Personal plan of meetings in NEGOTIATIONS BOARD
- Informational materials and presentations of the forum
- Coffee-breaks, lunch
- List of participants


Meeting Point
Letter “A’, 27/2, Lesi Ukrainky Blvd. Kyiv, Ukraine, 01014
Tel./fax: +38 (044) 390 7670

For questions regarding partnership:
Katerina Golik

For questions regarding registration:
Alena Zhupikova

Project manager:

Elena Tambovets
Phone number:
+38 /044/ 232-98-40
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